Grooming is a piece of aptitudes, experience and capabilities at Sarada school of Hotel Management that executes, but so is our grooming. Our appearance is an announcement of what our identity is. Our Grooming ought to make an expert picture at work and we must be mindful to our appearance and stance. Grooming is the mix of style and order at Sarada college of hotel management which is an introduction that will make enduring impression. Noticeable body puncturing and tattoo are not allowed. Face or tongue or other noticeable body piercings must be expelled before starting each move in the Hotel Industry. This showing will improve our self-assurance as representatives just as our worries on close to home neatness and cleanliness, particularly for nourishment(food) handlers

At Sarada college of hotel management we teach the culture and ethics to our esteemed costumers service which is our commitment guests. It also enhances the personality of students, character of any organization and value of the company.